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orkut and LJ

I'm new to LJ. I've been happy with my based blog for a while. Someone invited me to orkut. Very intresting; I lost my password. Oh well. The problem with orkut is it's closed. I can't monitor things with my agregator. LJ has nice RSS and ATOM feeds. There's even FOAF support! E.G.

BTW? Can I put HTML in here?
IrishMASMS on FOAFer

I've been lazy and not dug into the documentation for LJ. So there are many questions...

e.g. RSS feed for my friends agregation page? How can I get that?

Can I customize my FOAF?

LJ is open source. How do mere mortals submit patches? Can one do an apt-get lj-server and have their own community running in no time?

Is there PGP support for signing LJ posts?

Thanks for the clues.

p.s. I still have class on Tuesday nights, so no OLUG for me this Summer. In the Fall I'll be free on Tuesday nights..... woo woo.
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