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UNIX/bash/vim/gcc how to - Friday Feb 27th @ 6pm

Have you been wondering what the Hell geeks like us are taking about when we mention UNIX? bash? vim? gcc?

Would you like an opportunity to find out? It really is not a secret code, or a secret society with the handshakes and codes - anyone can learn. And there is an excellent opportunity to do so coming up. For those that strive to be computer proficient, or those who want to learn more, the UNO ACM and MISSO will be holding a joint tutorial on Unix, bash, vim, gcc + other apps on Friday Feb 27 th at 6:00 pm at PKI in room 361

What: We (UNO ACM & MISSO) will be botting up Knoppix live-cd's of GNU/Linux for demonstration purposes, and walk through the basics of working in a Unix environment. All are invited, newbies and experts alike to teach, learn, and share the GNU/Linux experience.

Please see the student organization websites for more details.


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